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I have to go to the hospital at least four times a year. Then I go to the hospital with my .... The doctor asks me questions and checks how I am doing. The nurse weighs me and measures my blood pressure. In the lab they collect my blood. They test my blood. In my blood, they check whether I am taking enough medication. If I have grown a lot, they adjust my medicines. Sometimes they also take pictures of my bones to see how much I’ve grown. I sometimes visit other specialists such as the dietician, psychologist and ophthalmologist.

Possible assignments
  • Personalise: Photos of doctor, department.
  • Show to the class: Explain how blood pressure is measured.
  • Show to the class: Explain blood collections.
  • Personalise: My trick for dealing with this is... / I like to...
  • Ask the class: Who has ever been to a hospital?